Andreas Iliopoulos

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Lipoyl cofactors are essential for living organisms and are produced by the insertion of two sulfur atoms into the relatively unreactive C-H bonds of an octanoyl substrate. This reaction requires lipoyl synthase, a member of the radical S-adenosylmethionine (SAM) enzyme superfamily. In the present study, we solved crystal structures of lipoyl synthase with(More)
The sequential execution of processing elements by time-multiplexing FPGA resources using single-island partial reconfiguration allows for resource-efficient designs in comparison to static FPGA implementations. Designing a processing chain for such a system requires the chain to be partitioned into reconfigurable modules, which can be sequentially(More)
Temporal runtime-reconfiguration of FPGAs allows for a resource-efficient sequential execution of signal processing modules. Approaches for partitioning processing chains into modules have been derived in various previous works. We will present a metric for weighted partitioning of pre-defined processing element sequences. The proposed method yields a set(More)
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