Andreas I. Nicolaou

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Acknowledgments: 36 The authors acknowledge valuable and constructive comments received on earlier versions of 37 this manuscript from Professors 41 University of Waterloo. We also thank ISR Senior Editor Laurie Kirsch, and the anonymous 42 Associate Editor and reviewers for their very helpful comments and suggestions. 43 44
AndreAs I. nIcolAou is the Owens-Illinois Professor at the college of Business and Administration at Bowling green State university. He earned his Ph.D. in accounting information systems from Southern Illinois university–carbondale. Before pursuing his Ph.D., he was a professional in public accounting, involved in systems consulting and audit engagements,(More)
SUMMARY We analyze the effect of buyer, contract, and vendor characteristics on abnormal stock returns among firms that have announced large scale Information Technology (IT) and Business Process outsourcing (BPO) contracts. We draw upon a comprehensive dataset on outsourcing announcements, augmented with data from public sources. Salient buyer factors(More)
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