Andreas Hutter

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In today’s hybrid video coding, Rate-Distortion Optimization (RDO) plays a critical role. It aims at minimizing the distortion under a constraint on the rate. Currently, the most popular RDO algorithm for one-pass coding is the one recommended in the H.264/AVC reference software. It, or HRfor convenience, is actually a kind of universal method which(More)
In the course of the work on the MPEG-7 standard a binary format with special features for the encoding of XML data was required. These required key features are a high data compression ratio, provision for streaming, dynamic update of the document structure and fast random access of data entities in the compressed stream. To support these features we(More)
This paper presents the integration of Scalable Video Coding (SVC) into a generic platform for multimedia adaptation. The platform provides a full MPEG-21 chain including server, adaptation nodes, and clients. An efficient adaptation framework using SVC and MPEG-21 Digital Item Adaptation (DIA) is integrated and it is shown that SVC can seamlessly be(More)
Due to the heterogeneity of the current terminal and network infrastructures, multimedia content needs to be adapted to specific capabilities of these terminals and network devices. Furthermore, user preferences and user environment characteristics must also be taken into consideration. The problem becomes even more complex by the diversity of multimedia(More)
The diversity of end-terminal and access network capabilities as well as the dynamic nature of wireless connections pose significant challenges to providers of multimedia streaming services. In this paper, we present a system based on MPEG-21 Digital Item Adaptation (DIA) technologies that automatically adapts scalable multimedia resources, like upcoming(More)
Nowadays multimedia data is produced and consumed at an ever increasing rate. Similarly to this trend, diverse storage approaches for multimedia data have been introduced. These observations lead to the fact that distributed and heterogeneous multimedia repositories exist whereas an unified and easy access to the stored multimedia data is not given. This(More)
The MPEG-21 standard defines a framework for the interoperable delivery and consumption of multimedia content. Within this framework the adaptation of content plays a vital role in order to support a variety of terminals and to overcome the limitations of the heterogeneous access networks. In most cases the multimedia content can be adapted by applying(More)
In this paper we analyse typical indoor propagation scenarios with respect to the capacity gain made available through use of multiple transmit and receive antennas. In particular, we investigate propagation channels with strong line of sight component, as evident when the transmit array is in the same room as the receive array. It is found that the(More)