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Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide synthetases (NADS) catalyze the amidation of nicotinic acid adenine dinucleotide (NAAD) to yield the enzyme cofactor nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD). Here we describe the crystal structures of the ammonia-dependent homodimeric NADS from Escherichia coli alone and in complex with natural substrates and with the(More)
This document describes the acquisition protocols of MyIDea, a new large and realistic multimodal biometric database designed to conduct research experiments in Identity Verification (IV). The key points of MyIDea are threefold: (1) it is strongly multimodal; (2) it implements realistic scenarios in an open-set framework; (3) it uses sensors of different(More)
A new multimodal biometric database designed and acquired within the framework of the European BioSecure Network of Excellence is presented. It is comprised of more than 600 individuals acquired simultaneously in three scenarios: 1 over the Internet, 2 in an office environment with desktop PC, and 3 in indoor/outdoor environments with mobile portable(More)
We report on our first developments towards building a novel user authentication system using combined handwriting and speech modalities. In our project, these modalities are simultaneously recorded by asking the user to utter what he is writing. We first report on a database that we have recorded according to this scenario. Then, we report on the results(More)
We present a procedure to create brute-force signature forgeries. The procedure is supported by Sign4J, a dynamic signature imitation training software that was specifically built to help people learn to imitate the dynamics of signatures. The main novelty of the procedure lies in a feedback mechanism that is provided to let the user know how good the(More)
We report on our developments towards building a novel user authentication system using combined acquisition of online handwritten signature and speech modalities. In our approach, signatures are recorded by asking the user to say what she/he is writing, leading to the so-called spoken signatures. We have built a verification system composed of two Gaussian(More)
Biometric systems offer automated methods for identity verification on the principle of measurable physiological or behavioral characteristics. Biometric modalities include fingerprint, voice, face, signature, hand geometry, etc. Topics of coverage include (but are not limited to): Submission Interested authors are invited to submit papers for this track in(More)