Andreas Horst

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Background: Specific problems in sampling methodology, case-finding strategies and a standardised needs assessment in mentally ill homeless people have contributed to their being neglected as a mental health care clientele. Method: We assessed a representative sample of homeless people (n=102) in the highly industrialised city of Mannheim (Germany)(More)
The deployment of Domain Specific Languages (DSL) and in particular Domain Specific Modeling Languages (DSML) is becoming more and more prominent in various domains. In order to cope with the complexity of the realization of DSLs, common and well-established methods of software engineering such as modularization and reuse need to be adapted and applied for(More)
Besides pronounced deficiencies in psychiatric research concerning homeless mentally ill in Germany, studies concerned with the quality of life of homeless mentally ill were missing until now. This study reveals in a representative sample of 102 homeless people from the City of Mannheim, Germany that--compared to the homeless without psychiatric disorders(More)
This paper reports on work performed in the context of the COMPASS SESAR-JU WP-E project, on developing an approach for identifying and filtering inaccurate trajectories (ghost flights) in historical data originating from the EUROCONTROLoperated Demand Data Repository (DDR). Foreword—This paper describes a project that is part of SESAR Workpackage E, which(More)
  • A Horst
  • International journal of occupational safety and…
  • 2001
The European Union has had a long tradition in developing a common European social policy from its beginning. A milestone to European social policy in the field of occupational safety and health was the Single European Act in 1986. With this Single European Act the improvement of the work environment became an explicit objective of the community. Since that(More)
Im Bereich der universitären Informatik-Ausbildung werden oftmals ab-strakte Konzepte vermittelt. Der Ansatz der Virtual Labs bietet eine aktuelle Mög-lichkeit, computergestützte Simulationen verschiedener Konzepte leicht zugreifbar zur Verfügung zu stellen. Im Sinne des Prinzips " Lernen durch Handeln " können Lernende die in den Labs repräsentierten(More)
Lay helpers fill in in situations where the natural system of help-family and friends-can no longer cope or where professional help is also not able to offer adequate help. Since no representative studies on this group of people exist, we wanted to take stock of the current situation by conducting a questionnaire in Baden-Württemberg. We identified 891 lay(More)