Andreas Hildebrandt

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Mass spectrometry is an essential analytical technique for high-throughput analysis in proteomics and metabolomics. The development of new separation techniques, precise mass analyzers and experimental protocols is a very active field of research. This leads to more complex experimental setups yielding ever increasing amounts of data. Consequently, analysis(More)
Programs using floating-point arithmetic are prone to accuracy problems caused by rounding and catastrophic cancellation. These phenomena provoke bugs that are notoriously hard to track down: the program does not necessarily crash and the results are not necessarily obviously wrong, but often subtly inaccurate. Further use of these values can lead to(More)
We present BALLView, a molecular viewer and modeling tool. It combines state-of-the-art visualization capabilities with powerful modeling functionality including implementations of force field methods and continuum electrostatics models. BALLView is a versatile and extensible tool for research in structural bioinformatics and molecular modeling.(More)
The combination of Reverse Transcription (RT) and high-throughput sequencing has emerged as a powerful combination to detect modified nucleotides in RNA via analysis of either abortive RT-products or of the incorporation of mismatched dNTPs into cDNA. Here we simultaneously analyze both parameters in detail with respect to the occurrence of(More)
Electrostatic interactions play a crucial role in many biomolecular processes, including molecular recognition and binding. Biomolecular electrostatics is modulated to a large extent by the water surrounding the molecules. Here, we present a novel approach to the computation of electrostatic potentials which allows the inclusion of water structure into the(More)
We present BALLView, an extensible tool for visualizing and modeling bio-molecular structures. It provides a variety of different models for bio-molecular visualization, e.g. ball-and-stick models, molecular surfaces, or ribbon models. In contrast to most existing visualization tools, BALLView also offers rich functionality for molecular modeling and(More)
The development of effective frameworks that permit an accurate diagnosis of tumors, especially in their early stages, remains a grand challenge in the field of bioinformatics. Our approach uses statistical learning techniques applied to multiple antigen tumor antigen markers utilizing the immune system as a very sensitive marker of molecular pathological(More)
A new peak picking algorithm for the analysis of mass spectrometric (MS) data is presented. It is independent of the underlying machine or ionization method, and is able to resolve highly convoluted and asymmetric signals. The method uses the multiscale nature of spectrometric data by first detecting the mass peaks in the wavelet-transformed signal before a(More)
MOTIVATION Mass spectrometry (MS) is one of the most important techniques for high-throughput analysis in proteomics research. Due to the large number of different proteins and their post-translationally modified variants, the amount of data generated by a single wet-lab MS experiment can easily exceed several gigabytes. Hence, the time necessary to analyze(More)