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Optimal coordination of variable speed limits to suppress shock waves, " Transportation Research Record, Abstract We present a model predictive control (MPC) approach to optimally coordinate variable speed limits for highway traffic. A safety constraint is formulated that prevents drivers from encountering speed limit drops larger than, say, 10 km/h, which(More)
This paper formulates the problem of real-time estimation of traffic state in freeway networks by means of particle filtering framework. A particle filter (PF) is developed based on a recently proposed speed-extended cell-transmission model of freeway traffic. The freeway is considered as a network of components representing different freeway stretches(More)
—Large-scale traffic systems require techniques that are able to 1) deal with high amounts of data and heterogenous data coming from different types of sensors, 2) provide robustness in the presence of sparse sensor data, 3) incorporate different models that can deal with various traffic regimes, and 4) cope with multimodal conditional probability density(More)