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There has been a recent, tangible growth in RDF published on the Web in accordance with the Linked Data principles and best practices, the result of which has been dubbed the " Web of Data ". Linked Data guidelines are designed to facilitate ad hoc re-use and integration of conformant structured data—across the Web—by consumer applications; however, thus(More)
Over a decade after RDF has been published as a W3C recommendation , publishing open and machine-readable content on the Web has recently received a lot more attention, including from corporate and governmental bodies; notably thanks to the Linked Open Data community, there now exists a rich vein of heterogeneous RDF data published on the Web (the so-called(More)
Typical approaches for querying structured Web Data collect (crawl) and pre-process (index) large amounts of data in a central data repository before allowing for query answering. However, this time-consuming pre-processing phase however leverages the benefits of Linked Data -- where structured data is accessible live and up-to-date at distributed Web(More)
A lot of current web pages include structured data which can directly be processed and used. Search engines, in particular, gather that structured data and provide question answering capabilities over the integrated data with an entity-centric presentation of the results. Due to the decentralized nature of the web, multiple structured data sources can(More)
The paper outlines a rule-based language for specifying and executing user agents operating over decentralised networked components. We draw on experience gained in projects around data integration and system interoperation with both academic and industrial partners, and from lessons learned during the development of several prototypes. We have identified(More)
The vision of the Internet of Things (IoT) promises the capability of connecting billions of devices, resources and things together. In the realisation of this vision, we are currently neglecting the interoperability between devices that is caused by a heterogeneous landscape of things and which leads to the proliferation of isolated islands of custom IoT(More)
Statistical data is published online by av arietyo fo rganizations, sucha sEurostat, the statistical officeofthe European Union. Some of these datasetsare available as Linked Data which has great potential for futureresearch or commercial exploitation.Yet, search engines are struggling to index statistical Linked Data and therefore, normal web usershave(More)