Andreas Gross

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The G-rich sequence d[(G 4 CT) 3 G 4 ] was recently identified as a potential quadruplex-forming sequence associated with loci involved in antigenic variation in the human pathogen Treponema pallidum. We found this motif to be enriched in eubacterial genomes. Employing a combination of CD spectroscopy, EPR spectroscopy, analytical ultracentrifugation, and(More)
In the framework of metric-free electrodynamics, we start with a linear spacetime relation between the excitation 2-form H = (D, H) and the field strength 2-form F = (E, B). This linear relation is constraint by the so-called closure relation. We solve this system algebraically and extend a previous analysis such as to include also singular solutions. Using(More)
Second generation high energy neutrino telescopes are being built to reach sensitivities of neutrino emission from galactic and extragalactic sources. Current neu-trino detectors are already able to set limits which are in the range of some emission models. In particular, the Antarctic Muon And Neutrino Detection Array (AMANDA) has recently presented the so(More)
Native horse mucus is characterized with micro- and macrorheology and compared to hydroxyethylcellulose (HEC) gel as a model. Both systems show comparable viscoelastic properties on the microscale and for the HEC the macrorheology is in good agreement with the microrheology. For the mucus, the viscoelastic moduli on the macroscale are several orders of(More)
  • Publications, M Alimoradi Jazi, +43 authors C Humphreys
  • 2016
Defect reduction in GaN regrown on hexagonal mask structure by facet assisted lateral overgrowth " , Effects of miscut of prestructured sapphire substrates and MOVPE growth conditions on (11 ¯ 22) oriented GaN " , J. Blue to true green LEDs with semipolar quantum wells based on GaN nanostripes " , surface-emitting lasers with birefringence(More)
Gd(3+) is increasingly used in EPR spectroscopy due to its increased intracellular stability and signal-to-noise ratios. Here we present the incorporation of Gd(3+)-DOTA into internal positions in DNA. Distance measurements via pulsed Electron Paramagnetic Resonance (EPR) spectroscopy in vitro and in cellula proved enhanced stability and efficiency compared(More)
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