Andreas Gross

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The G-rich sequence d[(G 4 CT) 3 G 4 ] was recently identified as a potential quadruplex-forming sequence associated with loci involved in antigenic variation in the human pathogen Treponema pallidum. We found this motif to be enriched in eubacterial genomes. Employing a combination of CD spectroscopy, EPR spectroscopy, analytical ultracentrifugation, and(More)
Controversy remains on how to treat lower pole calculi between 1 and 2 cm of size. Treatment options like shock wave lithotripsy (SWL) or percutaneous stone treatment (PCNL) are associated with poor stone-free rates or high morbidity.Due to the ongoing development in endourologic technology, especially in flexible renoscopy, laser technique and grasping(More)
PURPOSE Renal cell carcinomas (RCC) frequently express the gastrin-releasing peptide receptor (GRP-R). Gastrin-releasing peptide (GRP) stimulates tumor cell proliferation and neoangiogenesis. Tumor-associated macrophages (TAM) comprise an important cellular component of these tumors. We analyzed the GRP/GRP-R network in clear cell RCC (ccRCC) and non-clear(More)
In the framework of metric-free electrodynamics, we start with a linear spacetime relation between the excitation 2-form H = (D, H) and the field strength 2-form F = (E, B). This linear relation is constraint by the so-called closure relation. We solve this system algebraically and extend a previous analysis such as to include also singular solutions. Using(More)
Second generation high energy neutrino telescopes are being built to reach sensitivities of neutrino emission from galactic and extragalactic sources. Current neu-trino detectors are already able to set limits which are in the range of some emission models. In particular, the Antarctic Muon And Neutrino Detection Array (AMANDA) has recently presented the so(More)
INTRODUCTION We report the early postoperative results of the first prospective, randomized comparison of two commercially available thulium lasers with different wavelengths for the treatment of benign prostatic obstruction (BPO). MATERIALS AND METHODS From January to June 2013, 80 consecutive patients were randomized for Thulium VapoEnucleation of the(More)
Gd(3+) is increasingly used in EPR spectroscopy due to its increased intracellular stability and signal-to-noise ratios. Here we present the incorporation of Gd(3+)-DOTA into internal positions in DNA. Distance measurements via pulsed Electron Paramagnetic Resonance (EPR) spectroscopy in vitro and in cellula proved enhanced stability and efficiency compared(More)
The natural course of untreated asymptomatic caliceal calculi has not been clearly defined, especially in terms of disease progression, and the indications for and outcomes of surgical intervention are not precise. Caliceal stones may remain asymptomatic but, in case of migration, ureteral calculi can cause acute ureteric colic with severe complications.(More)