Andreas Gregor

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Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) has been suggested to involve deficits in reward processing. We used functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) to compare the neural responses to reward anticipation and outcomes in 10 adults with ADHD and 10 controls as they played a monetary incentive delay task. Adults with ADHD were unmedicated, and(More)
264 biuret reagents for total protein determination in serum containing dextran were investigated. The usefulness of the method is dependent on proper ratio of the components of the reagent: concentrations of NaOH and copper sulphate, and the ratio of sodium-potassium tartrate to copper sulphate.
Fatal familial insomnia (FFI) is a prion disease exhibiting the PRNP D178N/129M genotype. Features of this autosomal dominant illness are progressive insomnia, dysautonomia, myoclonus, cognitive decline and motor signs associated with thalamic nerve cell loss and gliosis. In contrast to the new variant of Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (vCJD) the onset of FFI is(More)
A new form of acute hepatic porphyria with double genetic defect--deficiency of porphobilinogen deaminase and coproporphyrinogen oxidase--is described. Among 17 studied family members this double enzymatic deficiency was found in five individuals, deficiency of porphobilinogen deaminase in four, and deficiency of coproporphyrinogen oxidase in two. Only the(More)
The aminopyrine breath test and measurement of postprandial serum bile acids were performed in 67 patients with well-documented hereditary hepatic porphyria. Elevated postprandial serum bile acids levels were found in 75% and the aminopyrine breath test was abnormal in 42% of the patients studied. These function tests exhibited a statistically significant(More) (accessed May 2000). 5. Baselt RC. Disposition of toxic drugs and chemicals in man, 5th ed. Foster City, CA: Chemical Toxicology Institute, 2000:919 pp. 6. Wiseman JD, Bessman JD, Calam RR, Dawson JB, Fleming DO, Hill BM, et al. Procedures for the collection of diagnostic blood specimens by venipuncture; approved standard, 4th ed. (H3–A4).(More)