Andreas Grau

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It is essential to evaluate the performance of newly developed distributed software and network protocols. Network emulation enables reproducible evaluation of unmodified real implementations. Software built for distributed systems, such as a large scale peer-to-peer system, requires evaluation scenarios with thousands of communicating nodes. Two approaches(More)
Adaptation in Pervasive Computing normally focuses on services or on application behaviour, but the consideration of lower level algorithms in this process can lead to significant performance increase. To perform adaptation of algorithms the concept of context normally used in Pervasive Computing has to be extended. Based on the same context, group(More)
Students were asked to take lecture notes in L A T E X, which I then compiled and edited for this document. The topic of graph algorithms is so unbelievably big that it is entirely hopeless to want to hold just one course about them. Even focusing on advanced graph algorithms (whatever " advanced " may mean) doesn't help, because there is still too many(More)
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