Andreas Graf

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Alteplase is standard therapy for patients with acute, massive pulmonary embolism. The novel plasminogen activator desmoteplase displays high fibrin specificity and selectivity for fibrinbound plasminogen. In a preclinical model desmoteplase was twice as potent with a shorter lysis time and lower reocclusion rate. We conducted a phase II study comparing(More)
1 Overview One important step of the systems engineering process is requirements engineering. Parallel to the development of Topcased, which includes tooling for requirements engineering, a new standard for requirements exchange is emerging at the OMG under the name " ReqIF " (formally called RIF). In our talk we introduce the activities of two research(More)
Requirements engineering (RE) is a crucial aspect in systems development and is the area of ongoing research and process improvement. However, unlike in modelling, there has been no established standard that activities could converge on. In recent years, the emerging Requirements Interchange Format (RIF/ReqIF) gained more and more visibility in industry,(More)
Microcannular liposuction in tumescent anesthesia is the most effective treatment for painful lipedema. Tumescent anesthesia is an established and safe procedure in local analgesia when performed according to guidelines. Major adverse effects are rare. In patients with advanced lipedema, however, the commonly presented comorbidities bear additional risks.We(More)
Having entered the mature human erythrocyte, the malaria parasite survives and propagates within a parasitophorous vacuole, a membrane-bound compartment separating the parasite from the host cell cytosol. The bounding membrane of this vacuole, referred to as the parasitophorous vacuolar membrane (PVM), contains parasite-encoded proteins, but how these(More)
Electric/electronic architecture model driven FlexRay configurationrichter entwickeln, setzen wir verstärkt Akzente, die nach-haltig umwelt-und zukunftsfreundlich sind. Abstract: Architectural modeling is an integral part of modern software development. In particular, diverse systems benefit from precise architectural models since similar components can(More)