Andreas Gocht

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Phosphorylation of serine, threonine and tyrosine residues by cellular protein kinases plays an important role in the regulation of various cellular processes. The serine/threonine specific casein kinase 1 and 2 protein kinase families--(CK1 and CK2)--were among the first protein kinases that had been described. In recent years our knowledge of the(More)
The ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS) of the mammary gland represents an early, pre-invasive stage in the development of invasive breast carcinoma and is increasingly diagnosed since the introduction of high-quality mammography screening. Uncertainties in the prognosis for patients with DCIS have caused a controversial discussion about adequate treatment, and(More)
Reactive astrocytes are a common feature of various pathological conditions within the CNS. Morphological changes of reactive astrocytes include an altered nucleus-cytoplasm relationship, nuclear indentations, an increased amount of intermediate filaments, and an immunologically immature phenotype. Additionally, the number of orthogonal arrays of particles(More)
Focal AF is frequently triggered by ectopic beats mostly originating from the pulmonary veins (PVs). So far, the morphological substrate for this entity is not well defined. Therefore, the distribution of myocardial cells within the PV were examined as potential target sites for RF application. The PVs (118) of 30 human autopsied hearts (age of death 63 +/-(More)
This report describes the clinico-pathological features of myofibroblastic tumors of the breast in six patients. Four women and one man presented with a benign myofibroblastoma. The sixth patient was a woman with myofibrosarcoma. All myofibroblastomas were composed of a fascicular arrangement of spindle cells embedded in dense bundles of collagen. Tumors(More)
The anatomical and cellular distribution of non-haem iron, ferritin, transferrin, and the transferrin receptor have been studied in postmortem human brain and these studies, together with data on the uptake and transport of labeled iron, by the rat brain, have been used to elucidate the role of iron and other metal ions in certain neurological disorders.(More)
The carbohydrate epitope 3-fucosyl-N-acetyllactosamine (CD15) is involved in cell-to-cell recognition processes in various tissues. In the CNS of the adult rat, immunoreactivity for CD15 reveals a region-specific distribution pattern by light microscopy. In the present study we investigated the ultrastructural localization of CD15 in the rat brain using(More)
BACKGROUND/AIMS Heterotopic pancreas is usually a silent gastrointestinal malformation, but it may become clinically evident when complicated by chronic inflammation or by growth. METHODOLOGY We report on eleven cases of heterotopic pancreatic tissue. The cases were selected from the records of our Surgical Department and Institute of Pathology. The(More)
AIMS To avoid the progression from mild edematous acute pancreatitis (AP) to the severe necrotizing form, one therapeutic option is to improve pancreatic microcirculation and tissue oxygenation. The aim of the study was to evaluate the influence of improved rheology (isovolemic hemodilution) plus enhanced oxygen supply (bovine hemoglobin HBOC-301) on(More)
Isolated hepatocytes represent a relevant model of the liver and are highly required both for research and therapeutic applications. However, sources of primary liver cells from human beings and from some animal species are limited. Therefore, cryopreservation of hepatocytes could greatly facilitate advances in various research areas. The aim of this study(More)