Andreas Georgiou

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An optical-based motion sensing system has been developed for real-time sensing of instrument motion in micromanipulation. The main components of the system consist of a pair of position sensitive detectors (PSDs), lenses, an infrared (IR) diode that illuminates the workspace of the system, a non-reflective intraocular shaft, and a white reflective ball(More)
BACKGROUND YKL-40 is an extracellular matrix glycoprotein with a significant role in tissue inflammation and remodeling. MIP-1a has chemotactic and pro-inflammatory properties, and is induced by YKL-40 in several lung disorders. The aim of this study was to determine the levels of YKL-40 and MIP-1a in blood serum and pleural fluids of various pulmonary(More)
This paper presents a novel compact description of a pattern based on the interference of circular waves. The proposed approach, called " interference description " , leads to a representation of the pattern , where the spatial relations of its constituent parts are intrinsically taken into account. Due to the intrinsic characteristics of the interference(More)
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