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The side effects of a five-times bilateral electric shock therapy were clinically and computer-tomographically investigated. A connection exists between the number of electric shock treatments which are carried out and the expression of a transitory organic psychosyndrome. However, no significant differences in relation to the initial findings were(More)
It is reported about 2 patients in whom the decision on electroconvulsive therapy was rendered more problematic by proven organic defects of the brain or a seizure disease. In our opinion, the electroconvulsive therapy is, in exceptional cases, also practicable under these conditions after an exact risk-benefit analysis.
Subject of the report is methodics for a circadian analysis in case of psychotical diseases. Acquisition and filing of psychopathological phenomenona is effected by means of Strukturiertes Psychopathologisches Erfassungssystem (SPES) and other self-or outside-rating-scales. The diurnal variation of body-temperature is taken as physiological reference(More)
In case of progressive paralysis of the insane, repeated recurrence can be explained only by the survival of pathogens inspite of optimal therapeutic conditions, the persistence of the pathogens being possibly produced by turning of the treponemas into L-type forms. In order that the possibilities and limits of recurrence verification will become apparent,(More)
The medical profession is using computers to an increasing extent, and the graphic epicrises described here, which is intended mainly to augment the conventional epicrisis, is another useful application. It is based on a standardised psychopathological examination and documentation procedure and permits the course of psychopathological syndromes to be(More)
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