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OBJECTIVES To evaluate the results of plate osteosynthesis using either polyaxial or nonpolyaxially locked screw-plate systems in proximal humeral fractures in the elderly. DESIGN Prospective, randomized. SETTING Level I trauma center. METHODS Fifty-six patients (older than 60 years) with isolated, displaced three- and four-part fractures were(More)
Infertility affects one in seven couples and ascending bacterial infections of the male genitourinary tract by Escherichia coli are an important cause of male factor infertility. Thus understanding mechanisms by which immunocompetent cells such as testicular macrophages (TM) respond to infection and how bacterial pathogens manipulate defense pathways is of(More)
The incidence of proximal humeral fractures increases. The locking plate osteosynthesis is a standard procedure to treat displaced proximal humeral fractures. In the mostly affected elderly patients with an osteoporotic bone structure, complication rate is still high. An implant removal is commonly required. But also younger patients often request for(More)
The past year has seen a diversification of the analytical studies of neuroelectric activity that characterize the efforts of our group. We continue to be interested in the response behavior and organization of sensory systems and in the development of tools that will enable us to give some kind of meaningful mathematical description of the electrical(More)
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