Andreas Gössling

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Predictive maintenance is a promising maintenance strategy. However, existing solutions are isolated from enterprise systems and limited to specific applications. A predictive maintenance framework that integrates the diversity of existing techniques for equipment failure predictions and that incorporates data both from machine level and the upper(More)
Massively Multiplayer Online Games (MMOG) require novel, scalable network architectures for a high amount of participating players in huge game worlds. Consequently, new and complex multi-server parallelization approaches have been proposed to provide responsive, massively multiplayer gameplay for different game genres. Besides scalability and performance,(More)
Manufacturing Execution Systems as they are outlined by the IEC 62264 standard provide a variety of functions in the manufacturing domain, including the management of maintenance operations. For these operations access to equipment information is important. However, a suitable information model is still missing. In regard to the life-cycle of equipment,(More)
While ontologies are becoming an accepted measure for computational information mapping, the definition of ontologies can lead to dead ends when integration of information is to be facilitated. Specialized ontologies tend to be impossible for the use in different contexts than the one they were defined for. In order to make the interoperation of different(More)
Raman scattering is used to observe pronounced electronic excitations around 230 meV--well above the two-phonon range--in the Mott insulators LaTiO3 and YTiO3. Based on the temperature, polarization, and photon energy dependence, the modes are identified as orbital excitations. The observed profiles bear a striking resemblance to magnetic Raman modes in the(More)
Integration of field devices is currently performed using different device models which all have a different focus. These models are represented by a vast number of different device description formats. For effectiveness of the integration processes, a comprehensive device description model that catches all relevant information is required. Based on an(More)
Bei der Automatisierung komplexer Anlagen fällt eine Vielzahl von Informationen an, die dem Life-Cycle einzelner Geräte und dem des Gesamtsystems zugeordnet werden können. Dabei sind insbesondere die Feldgeräte Träger und Schlüssel von Informationen. Diese Arbeit diskutiert die Notwendigkeit eines verallgemeinerten gerätezentrierten Informationsmodells für(More)