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An association has been noted previously in chick, mouse and frog embryos between asymmetric nodal-related gene expression and embryonic situs, implying an evolutionarily conserved role in left-right specification. Of the four Xenopus nodal-related genes expressed during gastrulation, only Xnr-1 is re-expressed unilaterally in the left lateral plate(More)
A two-locus phylogenetic hypothesis of the family Roccellaceae is presented based on data from the nuclear ribosomal large subunit (nucLSU) and the second largest subunit of RNA polymerase II (RPB2). This analysis includes 341 sequences (166 newly generated) and 180 specimens representing about 114 species. The genera Lecanactis, Roccellina, Schismatomma(More)
With an increasing demand for forest-based products, there is a growing interest in introducing fast-growing non-native tree species in forest management. Such introductions often have unknown consequences for native forest biodiversity. In this study, we examine epiphytic lichen species richness and species composition on the trunks of non-native Pinus(More)
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