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Functional active objects are a new paradigm for the implementation of services. They offer safe distributed evaluation with futures and immutable objects guaranteeing efficient implementation of privacy while offering verified quality assurance based on the functional paradigm and a development in an interactive theorem prover. In this paper, we present a(More)
The standard solution for automotive control networks is the Control Area Network (CAN) bus. Almost any vehicular computer system comprehends at least one CAN line. For the past two decades, software development for control system has been strongly connected to the properties and interfaces of the CAN bus. Currently, the automotive industry is in the middle(More)
In this paper a predictive control scheme for hybrid electric powertrains is introduced which makes use of cyclic operation such as in city buses or dockside cranes. The predictive controller is formulated as quadratic programming problem and based on cyclic operation of the vehicle. To take the nonlinearities of the electrical circuit into account a(More)
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