Andreas Fischer

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In this study, full-genome DNA microarrays based on the sequence of Staphylococcus aureus N315 were used to compare the transcriptome of a clinical S. aureus strain with a normal phenotype to that of its isogenic mutant with a stable small-colony-variant (SCV) phenotype (hemB::ermB). In addition to standard statistical analyses, systems biology advances(More)
DNA methylation and demethylation are important epigenetic regulatory mechanisms in eukaryotic cells and, so far, only partially understood. We exploit the minimalistic biological ciliate system to understand the crosstalk between DNA modification and chromatin structure. In the macronucleus of these cells, the DNA is fragmented into individual short DNA(More)
Peano differentiability is a notion of higher order differentiability in the ordinary sense. H. W. Oliver gave sufficient conditions for the m th Peano derivative to be a derivative in the ordinary sense in the case of functions of a real variable. Here we generalize this theorem to functions of several variables.