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BACKGROUND Pressure ulcers (PU) and malnutrition exist in elderly hospitalized patients as a significant and costly problem. The aim of the study was to compare different screening tools to assess nutrition status and to verify them for usage in clinical routine. METHODS Nutrition status (body mass index [BMI], Mini Nutritional Assessment [MNA], weight(More)
BACKGROUND The incremental value of copeptin, a novel marker of endogenous stress, for rapid rule-out of non-ST-elevation myocardial infarction (NSTEMI) is unclear when sensitive or even high-sensitivity cardiac troponin cTn (hs-cTn) assays are used. METHODS In an international multicenter study we evaluated 1929 consecutive patients with symptoms(More)
Peano differentiability is a notion of higher order differentiability in the ordinary sense. H. W. Oliver gave sufficient conditions for the m th Peano derivative to be a derivative in the ordinary sense in the case of functions of a real variable. Here we generalize this theorem to functions of several variables.