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Network virtualization has been recognized as an important technique to overcome the perceived ossification of the current Internet. Several variations of network virtualization have already been discussed in the literature. These approaches use virtualization to partition and/or combine physical network resources into virtual network resources. An actual(More)
Network virtualization is recognized as an enabling technology for the Future Internet. Applying virtualization of network resources leads to the problem of mapping virtual resources to physical resources, known as " Virtual Network Embedding " (VNE). Several algorithms attempting to solve this problem have been discussed in the literature, so far. However,(More)
—Waste of energy due to over-provisioning and over-dimensioning of network infrastructures has recently stimulated the interest on energy consumption reduction by Internet Service Providers (ISPs). By means of resource consolidation, network virtualization based architectures will enable energy saving. In this letter, we extend the well-known virtual(More)
Network Virtualization has emerged as a solution for the Internet inability to address the required challenges caused by the lack of coordination among Internet service providers for the deployment of new services. The allocation of resources is one of the main problems in network virtualization, mainly in the mapping of virtual nodes and links to specific(More)