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Cereals including wheat and barley are of primary importance to ensure food security for the 21st century. A combination of lab- and field-based approaches has led to a considerably improved understanding of the importance of organ and particularly of whole-plant (monocarpic) senescence for wheat and barley yield and quality. A delicate balance between(More)
Joint Seminar on " Challenges for Central Banks during the Current Global Crisis " and the Tor Vergata Banking and Finance Conference (Rome) for useful comments and discussions. We also thank Simon Wehrmueller for valuable research assistance. Ongena gratefully acknowledges the hospitality of the Swiss National Bank. Any views expressed are those of the(More)
Nitrogen uptake and metabolism are central for vegetative and reproductive plant growth. This is reflected by the fact that nitrogen can be remobilized and reused within a plant, and this process is crucial for yield in most annual crops. A population of 146 recombinant inbred barley lines (F(8) and F(9) plants, grown in 2000 and 2001), derived from a cross(More)
Although an involvement of metabolic signals in the regulation of plant senescence has been demonstrated in a range of studies, the exact signalling pathways remain largely unresolved. For leaves, evidence supports a role of sugar accumulation in the initiation and/or acceleration of senescence. However, regulation of senescence or ageing may respond to(More)
Most of the nitrogen harvested with the seeds of annual crops is remobilized and retranslocated within the plant between anthesis and plant death. While chloroplasts contain most of the reduced nitrogen present in photosynthetically active leaf cells, the (major) pathway(s) involved in the degradation of their proteins prior to the retranslocation of the(More)
Regulatory processes controlling traits such as anthesis timing and whole-plant senescence are of primary importance for reproductive success and for crop quality and yield. It has previously been demonstrated that the presence of alleles associated with high grain protein content (GPC) at a locus on barley chromosome six leads to accelerated leaf(More)
Timing of various developmental stages including anthesis and whole-plant ('monocarpic') senescence influences yield and quality of annual crops. While a correlation between flowering/seed filling and whole-plant senescence has been observed in many annuals, it is unclear how the gene networks controlling these processes interact. Using near-isogenic(More)
In this article, we demonstrate that a small degree of stochastic variation in the depreciation rate of capital can greatly reduce the comovement between hours worked and labor productivity in a neoclassical growth model. The depreciation rate is modeled as a Markov process, as opposed to a linear autoregressive process, to place a strict upper bound and to(More)
This discussion paper series represents research work-in-progress and is distributed with the intention to foster discussion. The views herein solely represent those of the authors. No research paper in this series implies agreement by the Study Center Gerzensee and the Swiss National Bank, nor does it imply the policy views, nor potential policy of those(More)