Andreas Fischbach

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Real-world optimization problems may require time consuming and expensive measurements or simulations. Recently, the application of surrogate model-based approaches was extended from continuous to combinatorial spaces. This extension is based on the utilization of suitable distance measures such as Hamming or Swap Distance. In this work, such an extension(More)
We describe a method for 3D reconstruction of plant seed surfaces, focusing on small seeds with diameters as small as 200 μm. The method considers robotized systems allowing single seed handling in order to rotate a single seed in front of a camera. Even though such systems feature high position repeatability, at sub-millimeter object scales, camera pose(More)
Cyclone separators are filtration devices frequently used in industry, e.g., to filter particles from flue gas. Optimizing the cyclone geometry is a demanding task. Accurate simulations of cyclone separators are based on time consuming computational fluid dynamics simulations. Thus, the need for exploiting cheap information from analytical, approximative(More)
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