Andreas Filler

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Small-scale wireless communication technologies allow for situated consumer product communication during buying decision making. We present the status of a generic model and implementation of semantically annotated physical products and an associated mobile and web-based infrastructure. Cornerstones are a RDF-based container model for semantic product(More)
Ubiquitous Information Systems (UIS) embedded in everyday environments are required to provide means for supporting complex behavioral task requirements. With the concept of a situation, we propose a knowledge level that can be used by users for understanding UIS-enhanced environments. It is discussed how the concept of situation differs from the concept of(More)
Dialogue interaction between customers and products improves presentation of relevant product information in in-store shopping situations. Thus, information needs of customers can be addressed more intuitive. In this article, we describe how access to product information can be improved based on dynamic linkage of heterogeneous knowledge representations. We(More)
Ubiquitous Information Systems(UIS) support single actors and groups by services overu biquitous computing technologies anywhere and anytime. These systems require design approaches that keep aholistic viewofsituations in which single users and groups interact with one another and with accessible services. We introduce and exemplify the Situational Design(More)
MobileCoach, an open source behavioral intervention platform, has been developed to provide health professionals with an authoring tool to design evidence-based, scalable and low-cost digital health interventions (DHI). Its potential meets the lack in resources and capacity of health care systems to provide DHI for the treatment of noncommunicable diseases.(More)
BACKGROUND AND AIMS Smartphone addiction, its association with smartphone use, and its predictors have not yet been studied in a European sample. This study investigated indicators of smartphone use, smartphone addiction, and their associations with demographic and health behaviour-related variables in young people. METHODS A convenience sample of 1,519(More)
Thef ield of environmentalinformaticsc an clearly contributet othe achievementofthe Sustainability Goalss et up by theG ermanG overnment. To do so,i th as to investigaten ot only environmentala spects but also integrates ociala nd economic aspects. In this work-in-progress papert hisw ill be done by proposingasystem forv isualizing sustainable servicea nd(More)
Early detection and tailored treatment of job strain is important because it negatively affects the health condition of employees, the performance of organizations, and the overall costs of the health care system likewise. Although there exist several self-report instruments for measuring job strain, one major limitation is the low frequency of measurements(More)