Andreas F. Peterson

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Chlorhexidine gluconate, an antiseptic for the skin, has recently been investigated in a series of clinical studies on its safety and efficacy. By using standard methods, Hibiclens, Hibitane tinted tincture and 0.5 per cent aqueous chlorhexidine gluconate were shown to have an extremely low potential for the production of irritation, allergic contact(More)
The efficacy of 0.75 per cent available povidone-iodine scrub solution, 4 per cent chlorhexidine gluconate detergent solution and 3 per cent hexachlorophene emulsion against resident and transient flora of the hand has been compared using two currently accepted study designs. Chlorhexidine gluconate produced the greatest initial reductions against resident(More)
Liposuction has been used as a surgical method of shaping the body for more than 30 years. Although of considerable interest, there are very few studies dealing with preoperative and postoperative blood parameters. There are no papers reporting what goes on in a patient's blood after laser-assisted lipectomy. Standard blood samples were evaluated in(More)
Tibial osteotomy is the procedure of choice for young adults with disabling unicompartmental osteoarthritis of the knee. It is a conservative precursor to total knee arthroplasty. This article presents an overview of the indications for the surgery and the biomechanical rationale for the procedure. The immediate postsurgical and subsequent rehabilitative(More)
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