Andreas Ettinger

Torsten Wittmann2
Sarah Gierke1
2Torsten Wittmann
1Sarah Gierke
1Hayley Pemble
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Turnover of integrin-based focal adhesions (FAs) with the extracellular matrix (ECM) is essential for coordinated cell movement. In collectively migrating human keratinocytes, FAs assemble near the leading edge, grow and mature as a result of contractile forces and disassemble underneath the advancing cell body. We report that clustering of(More)
Many microtubule (MT) functions are mediated by a diverse class of proteins (+TIPs) at growing MT plus ends that control intracellular MT interactions and dynamics and depend on end-binding proteins (EBs) [1]. Cryoelectron microscopy has recently identified the EB binding site as the interface of four tubulin dimers that undergoes a conformational change in(More)
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