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Speeded-Up Robust Features (SURF)
This article presents a novel scale- and rotation-invariant detector and descriptor, coined SURF (Speeded-Up Robust Features). SURF approximates or even outperforms previously proposed schemes withExpand
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You'll never walk alone: Modeling social behavior for multi-target tracking
Object tracking typically relies on a dynamic model to predict the object's location from its past trajectory. In crowded scenarios a strong dynamic model is particularly important, because moreExpand
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Depth and Appearance for Mobile Scene Analysis
In this paper, we address the challenging problem of simultaneous pedestrian detection and ground-plane estimation from video while walking through a busy pedestrian zone. Our proposed systemExpand
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A mobile vision system for robust multi-person tracking
We present a mobile vision system for multi-person tracking in busy environments. Specifically, the system integrates continuous visual odometry computation with tracking-by-detection in order toExpand
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Improving Data Association by Joint Modeling of Pedestrian Trajectories and Groupings
We consider the problem of data association in a multiperson tracking context. In semi-crowded environments, people are still discernible as individually moving entities, that undergo manyExpand
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Robust Multiperson Tracking from a Mobile Platform
In this paper, we address the problem of multiperson tracking in busy pedestrian zones using a stereo rig mounted on a mobile platform. The complexity of the problem calls for an integrated solutionExpand
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Moving obstacle detection in highly dynamic scenes
We address the problem of vision-based multi-person tracking in busy pedestrian zones using a stereo rig mounted on a mobile platform. Specifically, we are interested in the application of such aExpand
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Segmentation-Based Urban Traffic Scene Understanding
Recognizing the traffic scene in front of a car is an important asset for autonomous driving, as well as for safety systems. While GPS-based maps abound and have reached an incredible level ofExpand
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Multi-person Tracking with Sparse Detection and Continuous Segmentation
This paper presents an integrated framework for mobile street-level tracking of multiple persons. In contrast to classic tracking-by-detection approaches, our framework employs an efficient level-setExpand
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Articulated Multi-body Tracking under Egomotion
In this paper, we address the problem of 3D articulated multi-person tracking in busy street scenes from a moving, human-level observer. In order to handle the complexity of multi-personExpand
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