Andreas Espinoza

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The blood-brain tumor barrier (BTB) significantly limits delivery of therapeutic concentrations of chemotherapy to brain tumors. A novel approach to selectively increase drug delivery is pharmacologic modulation of signaling molecules that regulate BTB permeability, such as those in cGMP signaling. Here we show that oral administration of sildenafil(More)
OBJECTIVE To identify reliable predictors of outcome in comatose patients after cardiac arrest using a single routine EEG and standardized interpretation according to the terminology proposed by the American Clinical Neurophysiology Society. METHODS In this cohort study, 4 EEG specialists, blinded to outcome, evaluated prospectively recorded EEGs in the(More)
BACKGROUND Systolic left ventricular function during therapeutic hypothermia is found both to improve and to decline. We hypothesized that this discrepancy would depend on the heart rate and the variables used to assess systolic function. METHODS In 16 pigs, cardiac performance was assessed by measurements of invasive pressures and thermodilution cardiac(More)
We are developing two new sensor systems for continuous monitoring of the cardiac function during and after surgery. The first system uses triple-axis accelerometers to measure motion of the epicardial surface, while the second system uses miniature ultrasound transducers fastened to the heart surface to measure the contraction pattern of the heart muscle.(More)
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