Andreas Eickhorst

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BACKGROUND Maternal postpartum depression has an impact on mother-infant interaction. Mothers with depression display less positive affect and sensitivity in interaction with their infants compared to non-depressed mothers. Depressed women also show more signs of distress and difficulties adjusting to their role as mothers than non-depressed women. In(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the relationship between persistent, excessive crying in 5-month-old infants and the pre- and perinatal adversities as well as postpartal mood of their mothers. METHOD A sample of 300 mother-child dyads was examined at infants' age of 18.5 weeks. All mothers exhibited psychosocial risks such as poverty, lack of social support,(More)
Die vorgestellte explorative Studie untersucht die Feinfühligkeit von Müttern und Vätern belasteter Familien im Umgang mit Säuglingen, die am Präventionsprojekt „Keiner fällt durchs Netz“ teilnehmen. Feinfühligkeit wird mithilfe des CARE-Index untersucht, darüber hinaus werden Zusammenhänge mit den Faktoren elterliche Belastung, postpartale Depression,(More)
BACKGROUND This study examined the extent to which regulatory problems in infants at 4 and 6 months influence childhood development at 12 months. The second aim of the study was to examine the influence maternal distress has on 4-month-old children's subsequent development as well as gender differences with regard to regulatory problems and development. (More)
A framework model for paternal presence is introduced, which is meant to assist the integration of the often times confusing magnitude of theoretical findings of contemporary father research. The presented model includes a biological, an intrapersonal, an interpersonal as well as a family level. The levels are based on and contain one another. Each level(More)
Against the background of practical experiences from the Early Prevention model project "Nobody slips through the net" (in three counties of Germany) the necessity of differentiated structures of preventive measures for different groups of families will be discussed. Therefore a distribution in three types of families the visiting qualified person could be(More)
Das Aufwachsen unter familiären Belastungen birgt eine Reihe an Risiken für Eltern und Kinder. Die Frühen Hilfen wollen in diesem Bereich nachhaltig effektive und wissenschaftlich validierte Prävention und Intervention anbieten, um zum Schutz der Kinder diesen Risiken effektiv zu begegnen. Die entwicklungspsychologische Studie zu Risiko- und Schutzprozessen(More)
In this longitudinal study, the authors addressed intracultural variation on fathers' interactions with their 3-month-old infants, their ideas about parental care, and the timing of their children's self-recognition at the age of 18-20 months. Participants were 24 middle-class German fathers and their firstborn children. Two behavioral clusters emerged: a(More)
This paper deals with the role of fathers within a context of parent-infant counseling or therapy. A review of the evidence regarding father-infant interaction and of fathers' involvement in therapeutic intervention is complemented by a case vignette of a young family. It illustrates the different personal characteristics of each parent in their family(More)