Andreas Ehrenmann

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Two basic market designs are used for the trading of electricity in meshed electricity networks with transmission constraints. Analytical results show that, in two-node networks, a market design integrating transmission and energy markets reduces the ability of electricity generators to exercise market power, relative to a design with separated markets for(More)
The views expressed in this presentation are the views of the speaker and do not necessarily reflect the views of GDFSUEZ Paris 13 th November Motivation 2 CEEME-DATE Private investors operate in a merchant world with different sources of uncertainty. These uncertainties have been increasing over time and are very hard to value.
Numerical models for electricity markets are frequently used to inform and support decisions. How robust are the results? Three research groups used the same, realistic data set for generators, demand and transmission network as input for their numerical models. The results coincide when predicting competitive market results. In the strategic case in which(More)
These working papers present preliminary research findings, and you are advised to cite with caution unless you first contact the author regarding possible amendments. Investment planning models inform investment decisions and government policies. Current models do not capture the intermittent nature of renewable energy sources, restricting the(More)
The progressive relocation of part of the Energy Intensive Industries (EIIs) out of Europe is one of the possible consequences of the combination of emission charges and higher electricity prices entailed by the EU-Emission Trading Scheme (EU-ETS). In order to mitigate this effect, EIIs have asked for special power contracts whereby they would be supplied(More)
Transmission constraints fragment electricity markets and enhance regional market power of electricity generators. In continental Europe rights to access transmission between countries are auctioned to traders, which arbitrage separate energy spot markets of these countries. In Scandinavia the system operator integrates these markets and simultaneously(More)