Andreas Eckhardt

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Received: 20 July 2012 Revised: 18 February 2013 2nd Revision: 28 June 2013 3rd Revision: 20 September 2013 4th Revision: 7 November 2013 Accepted: 1 February 2014 Abstract As the number of messages and social relationships embedded in social networking sites (SNS) increases, the amount of social information demanding a reaction from individuals increases(More)
This research responds to a current phenomenon that individuals experience fatigue, while using social network sites, such as Facebook, which original intend to provide hedonic value to users. To explain this current phenomenon, we propose and evaluate a research model based on the stressstrain-outcome model. Focal point is the stressor social overload,(More)
The core objective of this study is to understand individuals IS usage by going beyond the traditional subjective self-reported and objective system-log measures to unveil the delicate process through which users interact with IS. In this study, we conducted a laboratory experiment to capture users’ eye movement and, more importantly, applied a novel(More)
The economic crisis during the last year which started as major problem solely for banks and other financial institutions evolved over time as a large challenge for companies in every industry all over the world. As IT companies in Germany survived the economic meltdown quite good, the question is how German IT personnel feel after a hard year filled of bad(More)
What is the business value of process standardization? Alongside the development of industrial engineering of information technology and of business process redesign studied by Davenport and Short (1990), and Davenport’s approach defining business processes (Davenport, 2005), other researchers offer initial insights into business process standardization(More)
What impact do process and data standards have on business process performance? This paper shows that process and data standards have a positive combined impact on business process performance – measured in business process time, cost and quality. This combined impact of process and data standards on business process performance is empirically confirmed(More)