Andreas Droescher

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The Internet of Things, by digitizing the physical world, is envisioned to enable novel interaction paradigms with our surroundings. This creates new threats and leads to unprecedented security and privacy concerns. To tackle these concerns, we introduce Talos, a system that stores IoT data securely in a Cloud database while still allowing query processing(More)
The Internet of Things (IoT) is envisioned to digitize the physical world, resulting in a digital representation of our proximate living space. The possibility of inferring privacy violating information from IoT data necessitates adequate security measures regarding data storage and communication. To address these privacy and security concerns, we introduce(More)
  • A Dröscher
  • 1999
The year 1998 is the centenary of the Golgi apparatus. It is an occasion to pay tribute to Camillo Golgi and the other pioneers of Golgi apparatus research. From the very beginning, the discussion of the Golgi apparatus was characterized by a great variety of theories and innovative terminology, with signs of keen interest already evident during the era of(More)
1998 is the year of the centenary of the discovery of the Golgi apparatus. This event is considered in its historical context: the first cell theory of 1838-1839, the first polemics in cytology and the research on the cell organelles at the turn of the century. The first approaches to clarify the physiological significance of the apparatus is traced from(More)
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