Andreas Dittrich

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The evolving liberalisation of the European telecommunication markets will result in a growing competition among service and network providers. In such an environment the rapid development and deployment of new telecommunication services take on increasing significance. The use of distributed object-oriented platforms that provide a set of common and(More)
—An ever-increasing number of both functional and non-functional requirements has resulted in growing system complexity which demands new solutions in system modeling and evaluation. As a remedy, service-oriented architecture (SOA) offers services as basic building elements of system design. Service dependability is highly dependent on the properties of the(More)
In service networks, discovery plays a crucial role as a layer where providers can be published and enumerated. This work focuses on the responsiveness of the discovery layer, the probability to operate successfully within a deadline, even in the presence of faults. It proposes a hierarchy of stochastic models for decentralized discovery and uses it to(More)
—Today's businesses rely ever more on dependable service provision deployed on information and communications technology (ICT) infrastructures. Service dependability is highly influenced by the properties of individual infrastructure components. Combining these properties for consistent dependability analysis is challenging as every service requester might(More)
—With explosive growth in the number of mobile devices mobile malware is rapidly spreading, making security one of the key issues. Existing solutions, which are mainly based on binary signatures, are not very effective. The main contribution of this paper is a novel methodology to design and implement secure mobile devices by offering a resource-optimized(More)