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The APZ questionnaire was developed in order to explore hypotheses on ASCs. First -- in a series of 11 experiments using different induction methods on N = 393 healthy subjects -- the hypothesis was tested that ASCs have major dimensions in common irrespective of the mode of their induction. In the International Study on Altered States of Consciousness(More)
  • Nikola Alić, George C Papen, Robert E Saperstein, Laurence B Milstein, Yeshaiahu Fainman, J H Winters +34 others
  • 2005
Exact signal statistics for fiber-optic links containing a single optical pre-amplifier are calculated and applied to sequence estimation for electronic dispersion compensation. The performance is evaluated and compared with results based on the approximate chi-square statistics. We show that detection in existing systems based on exact statistics can be(More)
A double-blind study was performed comparing 5 mg delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) p.o., 50 mg codeine p.o., and placebo in a patient with spasticity and pain due to spinal cord injury. The three conditions were applied 18 times each in a randomized and balanced order. Delta-9-THC and codeine both had an analgesic effect in comparison with placebo. Only(More)
The interrater reliability of the AMP system and the Comprehensive Psychiatric Rating Scale (CPRS) was compared in a sample of 30 hospitalized schizophrenic or depressive patients. The CPRS proved to have on average a slightly higher reliability on both the level of items and primary scales. The reliability of the secondary scales was nearly identical.
170 hospitalised patients (96 schizophrenic, 71 depressive, and 3 manic) were examined during the German version of the CPRS. Based on factor analytical results four subscales ('manic syndrome', 'schizophrenic syndrome', 'depressive syndrome', and 'side-effects') and two second-order scales ('manic-depressive syndrome' and 'schizophrenic syndrome') were(More)
The evolving liberalisation of the European telecommunication markets will result in a growing competition among service and network providers. In such an environment the rapid development and deployment of new telecommunication services take on increasing significance. The use of distributed object-oriented platforms that provide a set of common and(More)
—An ever-increasing number of both functional and non-functional requirements has resulted in growing system complexity which demands new solutions in system modeling and evaluation. As a remedy, service-oriented architecture (SOA) offers services as basic building elements of system design. Service dependability is highly dependent on the properties of the(More)
In service networks, discovery plays a crucial role as a layer where providers can be published and enumerated. This work focuses on the responsiveness of the discovery layer, the probability to operate successfully within a deadline, even in the presence of faults. It proposes a hierarchy of stochastic models for decentralized discovery and uses it to(More)