Andreas Disch

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ÐThe accelerating evolution in information visualization research in the last few years led to several specific system implementations. The obvious drawbacks of this development are highly dependent software systems, which are only available for a restricted number of users. Today, due to the remarkable advances in hardware and software technologies, not(More)
Large scale production of disposable microfluidics mostly is accomplished by injection moulding techniques today. A cost effective alternative to injection moulding might be vacuum thermoforming of polymer films. Vacuum thermoforming is the basis for medical and pharmaceutical packaging such as pharmaceutical blister packs. It allows for cheap and reliable(More)
The automotive industry demands visual support for the verification of the quality of their products from the design phase to the manufacturing phase. This implies the need of tools for measurement planning, programming measuring devices, managing measurement data, and the visual exploration of the measurement results. To improve the quality control(More)
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