Andreas Diener

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A new method for the evaluation of suboptimal feeding strategies for fed-batch bioprocesses is introduced. This method is based on a time-local optimization of the process dynamics. To include global effects into the optimization, the process has to be partitioned into several phases with different local extremality conditions. The penicillin bioprocess is(More)
Database Management Systems represent important tools for professional applications of inter-connected workstations. This paper presents the integrity subsystem of such a DBMS. Private and shared data are distinguished, as well as an original and possibly several duplicates. It is shown which kinds of integrity constraints across the borders of private and(More)
In the field of office automation, workstations serving a single user with considerable computing power become more and more important. However, such machines are useful only if they are interconnected and offer, among other possibilities for interaction, ways of sharing information in a structured way, i.e. if some kind of common database service is(More)
Recently, more and more personal computers are getting linked by means of a local area network. This calls for network-wide services, among others for a network database service. However, the question of an appropriate architecture for such a database system is quite open. This paper establishes a set of criteria for this evaluation and presents three(More)
Bloom filters are widely used although not always optimal. Notably in application areas where false negatives are bearable, other techniques can clearly be better. This master thesis shows that at least for a specific area in the parameter space Bloom filters are significantly outperformed even by trivial methods. We provide an analysis, show that many(More)
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