Andreas Dewitz

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During the evaluation of a victim of a motor vehicle accident, routine radiographs of the patient's cervical spine, chest, and pelvis revealed multiple radiopaque foreign bodies along his posterior neck, chest, abdomen, and pelvis. Repeat examination of the patient disclosed no evidence of foreign bodies. Further questioning revealed that the patient had(More)
A search was made for any existent relationship between the length of a nerve fiber and the caliber of its axon. This was done in the hope of defining morphological parameters useful for assessing conduction time. Four fiber populations were examined: (1) phrenic fibers in rat and rabbit during different phases of body growth; (2) phrenic fibers of mature(More)
Difficulty is frequently encountered in performing ankle arthrocentesis. This report describes an ultrasound-assisted technique that can be readily learned by emergency physicians. It involves using the ultrasound beam to accurately locate the tibiotalar joint, thereby increasing the probability of obtaining joint fluid on aspiration.
In patients presenting with atraumatic joint pain and swelling, diagnosis is typically made by synovial fluid analysis. Management of an acute suspected hip joint arthritis can present a challenge to the emergency physician (EP). Hip joint effusions are somewhat more difficult to identify and aspirate than effusions in other joints that are commonly managed(More)