Andreas Derks

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OBJECTIVE To determine discrepancies in patients' current use and expected future use of the internet for different functions. METHOD A short questionnaire was developed to assess patients' current use of the internet for three functions: "seeking information", "mutual support", and "care provider contact". This questionnaire was assessed online during 1(More)
The effect of the presence of tympanosclerotic plaques in tympanic membrane on the outcome of a myringoplasty procedure was evaluated in this retrospective study. Long-term results of 714 myringoplasties were analyzed, and of these, 555 were eligible for further study. Three groups were studied separately: ears without tympanosclerosis, ears with a plaque(More)
In current curricula, more and more courses endeavor to give practical examples on the usage of embedded hardware. Either by demonstrations in e. g. lectures or as hands-on practice in lab courses. In order to motivate the students a reference to current technological developments is desired. All these requirements lead to a point where a reliable and fast(More)
OBJECTIVES The goal of this meta-analysis was to evaluate how muscular activity, measured by electromyography (EMG), differs among edentulous patients treated with a complete denture (CD), removable implant overdentures (IO), implant-retained fixed dental prostheses (IFDP), and dentates. The differences during clenching and chewing were of particular(More)
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