Andreas Demosthenous

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We present a neural stimulator chip with an output stage (electrode driving circuit) that is fail-safe under single-fault conditions without the need for off-chip blocking-capacitors. To miniaturize the stimulator output stage two novel techniques are introduced. The first technique is a new current generator circuit reducing to a single step the(More)
Benign acute childhood myositis (BACM) is a rare transient condition usually occurring at the early convalescent phase of a viral upper respiratory tract illness, normally influenza A, and, more frequently, influenza B infection. It is characterized by acute-onset difficulty in walking as a result of severe bilateral calf pain and by elevated muscle enzymes(More)
This paper describes the design of an adaptive control system for recording neural signals from tripolar cuff electrodes. The control system is based on an adaptive version of the true-tripole amplifier configuration and was developed to compensate for possible errors in the cuff electrode balance by continuously adjusting the gains of the two differential(More)
The noise from Pt electrodes has not been measured before. We measured the impedance and noise between pairs of Pt electrodes in cylindrical cells within frequency bands which contain the electroneurogram band (ENG, 500–10 kHz). The results show that the noise from the Pt-saline interface and also the volume conductor are the same as the thermal noise from(More)
Information extracted from whole-nerve electroneurograms, recorded using electrode cuffs, can provide signals to neuroprostheses. However, the amount of information that can be extracted from a single tripole is limited. This communication demonstrates how previously unavailable information about the direction of action potential propagation and velocity(More)
A CMOS analog buffer with high output drivability is presented. The buffer combines class-AB operation with rail-to-rail signal swing. A new adaptive biasing scheme is proposed with low complexity, thereby allowing the construction of a very compact, low-power analog voltage buffer with wide bandwidth and high slew rate. Simulated results using a 0.35-mum(More)