Andreas D. Schulz

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  • Melissa Dell, Harvard, Arturo Aguilar, Abhijit Banerjee, Ernesto Dal Bó, Dave Donaldson +10 others
  • 2012
Drug trade-related violence has escalated dramatically in Mexico since 2007, and recent years have also witnessed large-scale efforts to combat trafficking, spearheaded by Mexico's conservative PAN party. This study examines the direct and spillover effects of Mexican policy towards the drug trade. Regression discontinuity estimates show that drug-related(More)
It is unclear why some species become successful invaders whilst others fail, and whether invasive success depends on pre-adaptations already present in the native range or on characters evolving de-novo after introduction. Ants are among the worst invasive pests, with Lasius neglectus and its rapid spread through Europe and Asia as the most recent example(More)
In this paper we provide insight into the cryptic diversity and biogeographic patterns of a widely distributed Mediterranean ant species, Temnothorax lichtensteini (Bondroit Annales de la Société Entomologique de France 87:1–174, 1918), based on evidence from multiple data sources. An exploratory analysis of morphometric data, combined with sequencing of a(More)
Wie gehen Mitglieder eines sozialen Netzwerks wie studiVZ mit ihren Daten um? Welche Formen des Datenschutzes nutzen sie? Bestehen Zusammenhänge zwischen dem individuellen Datenschutz und sozio-demografischen Faktoren wie Alter, Bildungsstand oder Einkommen? Eine Befragung unter Studierenden zeigt: Ein hoher Datenschutz hängt weder vom individuellen(More)
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