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The need for the characterization of real-world signals in terms of their linear, nonlinear, deterministic and stochastic nature is highlighted and a novel framework for signal modality characterization is presented. A comprehensive analysis of signal nonlinearity characterization methods is provided, and based upon local predictability in phase space, a(More)
Social network portals, such as Facebook and Twit-ter, often discover and deliver relevant social data to a user's query, considering only system-oriented conflicting objectives (e.g., time, energy, recall) and frequently ignoring the satisfaction of the individual " needs " of the query user w.r.t. its perceptual preference characteristics (e.g., working(More)
We introduce a new paradigm in information transmission, the concept of SEAMLESS TRANSMISSION, whereby any client in a network requesting a file starts receiving it immediately, and experiences no delays throughout the remainder of the downloading time. This notion is based on the partial caching concept [2] which was introduced to overcome some of the(More)
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