Andreas Clementi

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A bst ract . V-Ie address certain questions concern ing invert ible cellular aut omata (ICA) , and present new results in this area . Specifically, we explicitly const ru ct a cellular automaton (CA) in a class (r esidual clas s) previously known not to be empty only via a nonconstr uctive existe nce proof. T his class contains CAs that are invert ible on(More)
Nach iilteren Untersuehungen yon Drese r 1 soll das Lobelin der einzig wirksame Bestandteil der Lobelia inflata sein, ein nicht fliiehtiges Alkaloid, das sich aus Chloroformextrakten als tells kristallisiertes, tells amorlohes t)latinsalz f~i]len l~l?t. Nach D'reser soll dieses Alkaloid bei Warmbliitern, die erbreehen kSnnen, wiederholt den Breehakg(More)
The three dimensional (3D) cultivation of stem cells in dynamic bioreactor systems is essential in the context of regenerative medicine. Still, there is a lack of bioreactor systems that allow the cultivation of multiple independent samples under different conditions while ensuring comprehensive control over the mechanical environment. Therefore, we(More)
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