Andreas Claßen

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Intelligent Network (IN) services are customized telephone services, like e.g., 1) `Free-Phone', where the receiver of the call can be billed if some conditions are met, 2) `Universal Private Telephone', enabling groups of customers to deene their own private net within the public net, or 3) `Partner Lines', where a number of menus leads to the satisfaction(More)
In this paper we present an environment for the development of special purpose heterogeneous analysis and veriication tools, which is unique in 1) constituting a framework for the development of application speciic heterogeneous tools and 2) providing facilities for the automation of the synthesis process. Based on a speciication language that uniformly(More)
We present a highly polymorphic tool for the construction, synthesis, structuring, manipulation, investigation, and (symbolic) execution of graphs. The exibility of this tool, which mainly arises as a consequence of combining complex graph labelings expressing the intended semantics with hierarchy and customized graphical node representations, is(More)
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