Andreas C. Soteriou

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MeCP2 is an abundant mammalian protein that binds methylated CpG (mCpG) sequences within double-stranded DNA, represses transcription by recruiting histone deacetylases, and is essential for embryonic development. It is one of a family of proteins which mediate the biological consequences of DNA methylation. These proteins each possess a sequence motif of(More)
A simple solid-phase binding assay was used to screen for interactions that the giant myofibrillar protein titin makes with other sarcomeric proteins. The titin used in the tests was purified by a modified procedure that results in isolation of approximately 20 mg relatively undegraded protein in < 24 h. In addition to the approximately 3 MDa polypeptide,(More)
Molecules of the giant protein titin are responsible for the passive elasticity and central A-band location of muscle myofibrils. The molecular mechanism of titin elasticity is not known, but the I-band region of the molecule appears capable of approximately fourfold reversible extension. Such large extensions are likely to involve unfolding of titin(More)
This study explored 60 Greek-Cypriot managers' perceptions of different dimensions of leadership. Analyses using structural equation modeling were performed to examine the invariance of the Flamholtz six-factor leadership model. The same leadership styles observed in samples from countries previously studied were present in the sample from Cyprus. In terms(More)
A general program, AngleSearch, which calculates coupling constants and interproton distances for any molecular fragment and does a grid search to find torsion angles, rotamer populations, and stereospecific assignments which fit the measured data has been developed. The program takes full advantage of the fact that ratios of cross-peak intensities(More)
This paper identifies factors that promote research productivity of production and operations management (POM) groups of researchers in US business schools. In this study, research productivity of a POM group is defined as the number of articles published per POM professor in a specific period of time. The paper also examines factors that affect research(More)
We have determined the three-dimensional solution structure of the complex of Lactobacillus casei dihydrofolate reductase (18.3 kDa, 162 amino acid residues) formed with the anticancer drug methotrexate using 2531 distance, 361 dihedral angle and 48 hydrogen bond restraints obtained from analysis of multidimensional NMR spectra. Simulated annealing(More)