Andreas C. Döring

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Robust Header Compression (ROHC) provides for more efficient use of radio links for wireless communication in a packet switched network. Due to its potential advantages in the wireless access area and the proliferation of network processors in access infrastructure, there exists a need to understand the resource requirements and architectural implications(More)
Multithreading is an efficient way to improve efficiency of processor cores in embedded products for networking infrastructures. To make such improvements also accessible to processor cores without hardware support for multithreading, we present a concept for efficient software multithreading through compiler post-pass optimization of the application code.(More)
We present a design methodology for a modular network processor architecture that leads to a balanced, service-defined mix between programmable processor cores, configurable hardware assists, and specialized coprocessors. Whereas the processor cores address the flexibility and extendibility needs of the networking market, the hardware components offload the(More)
Cluster systems gain more and more importance as a platform for parallel computing. In this area the power of the system is strongly coupled with the performance of the network, which has to provide high bandwidth and low latency. Besides these performance aspects fault-tolerance within the network is very important. This paper shows how to build a flexible(More)
Today’s network processor utilize parallel processing in order to cope with the traffic growth and wire-speed of current and future network technologies. In this paper, we study two important parallel programming models for network processors: run to completion and pipelining. In particular, the packet flow of a standard network application, IPv4(More)