Andreas Bruening

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Over the last decade, the semiconductor industry has advanced CMOS technology from 90 to 22/20 nanometers, and the EDA industry has developed a great deal of tools, methodologies, and flows to help "gigascale" design, implementation and verification, at these "leading edge" technology nodes. However, in 2010 approximately 75% of design starts used 130(More)
The memristor is a new nanoelectronic device very promising for emerging technologies. Although 40 years ago Leon Chua has postulated this circuit element, only the invention of the crossbar latch by the HP group of Stanley Williams provided the first nanoelectronic realization of such a device in 2008. Thus it has been shown that the ideal circuit elements(More)
In the manufacturing industry, they are using various concepts and solutions in order to reduce time and costs in the product development. This article introduces an approach that enables Virtual Engineering and links engineering applications with Virtual Reality (VR) solutions. Thus an environment is provided to implement virtual design reviews and enable(More)
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