Andreas Bittner

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In the paper we present the conceptual idea of scalable robotic service cores for a simplified and rapid deployment of ambient assisted living environments. We situate our approach in between fully networked homes on the one hand and smart artifacts on the other end of the scale. We elaborate on the multi-dimensional interdisciplinary challenges that need(More)
Due to its large size, this document has been segmented into multiple files. All files separate from this main document file are accessible from links (blue type) in the table of contents or the body of the document. FOREWORD This report is one of a series of eight reports produced as part of a contract designed to develop precise, detailed human factors(More)
The opinions, findings and recommendations contained herein are those of the authors, and do not necessarily represent those of the NHTSA. 16. Abstract This report reviews literature on workload measures and related research. It depicts the preliminary development of a theoretical basis for relating driving workload to highway safety and a selective review(More)
In the following we present a cognitive model and a visual world experiment to test a fundamental hypothesis derived from the mental model approach: the assumption that special relational reasoning relies on a mental model manipulation device responsible for model construction, inspection and variation. We will provide evidence for a direct linking(More)
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