Andreas Berthold Thom

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We consider the problem of writing real polynomials as determinants of symmetric linear matrix polynomials. This problem of algebraic geometry, whose roots go back to the nineteenth century, has recently received new attention from the viewpoint of convex optimization. We relate the question to sums of squares decompositions of a certain Hermite matrix. If(More)
We consider the problem of realizing hyperbolicity cones as spectrahedra, i.e. as linear slices of cones of positive semidefinite matrices. The generalized Lax conjecture states that this is always possible. We use generalized Clifford algebras for a new approach to the problem. Our main result is that if −1 is not a sum of hermitian squares in the Clifford(More)
We show that for any amenable group Γ and any ZΓ-module M of type FL with vanishing Euler characteristic, the entropy of the natural Γ-action on the Pontryagin dual of M is equal to the L-torsion of M. As a particular case, the entropy of the principal algebraic action associated with the module ZΓ/ZΓf is equal to the logarithm of the Fuglede-Kadison(More)
In this short note we study the entropy for algebraic actions of certain amenable groups. The possible values for this entropy are studied. Various fundamental results about certain classes of amenable groups are reproved using elementary arguments and the entropy invariant. We provide a natural decomposition of the entropy into summands contributed by(More)
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