Andreas Barrocas

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The recent dramatic growth in the population aged 65 and over is projected to continue well into the 21st century. While improved health status of most aging Americans is also expected, such is not the case in certain vulnerable subgroups at risk for poor health. This includes older women; minority groups; those aged 85 and above; older persons with limited(More)
Cognitive theories of depression have been shown to be potent predictors of future increases in depressive symptoms and disorder in children, adolescents, and adults. This article focuses on potential developmental origins of the main cognitive vulnerabilities, including dysfunctional attitudes, negative cognitive style, and rumination. We selectively(More)
Nutrition support in acute, chronic, or home care settings can be implemented successfully by the well-informed primary care physician, who often is the first to identify poor nutritional health in his or her patients. Using established protocols for the identification or of risk factors and indicators of malnutrition, specific alerts to the need for(More)
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