Andreas Bachmann

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Many site-selective palladium-catalyzed C-H functionalization methods require directing groups. We report here β-carboline amides as intrinsic directing groups for C(sp2)-H functionalization. Various substrates including the natural product alangiobussinine and the marinacarboline core structure were functionalized using carboline-directed δ-C(sp2)-H(More)
In today's competitive business environment, operators seek to simplify their network topology in order to cut costs and create a convergent network infrastructure that is secure, easy to manage, always available, and capable of providing bandwidth to new multimedia service traffic loads and changing business needs. This paper gives an overview of broadband(More)
The industry and research institutes are steadily adopting IMS and are building internal IMS testbeds for prototyping of services and validation of all-IP concepts. The client applications triggering testing scenarios and demonstrating services within the testbed are important for the overall quality and visibility of the test setup. The IMS applications(More)
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