Andreas B Miller

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Although it has become apparent that cutaneous reflexes can be adjusted based on the phase and context of the locomotor task, it is not clear to what extent these reflexes are regulated when locomotion is modified under visual guidance. To address this, we compared the amplitude of cutaneous reflexes while subjects performed walking tasks that required(More)
In the European Union, carminic acid and its ammonium, calcium, potassium or sodium salts and its aluminium lakes are approved as food additive E120. In beverages obtained from the German market 4-aminocarminic acid (“acid-stable carmine”) was detected by HPLC–PDA and LC–MS/MS. Isolation of the colorant from a liquid dye preparation used for the production(More)
A collaborative study for quantification of Anisakis larvae in spiked farmed salmon fillets was conducted by 12 laboratories in 2012, using a modified Codex method (CODEX STAN 244). N = 6 samples with a different number of Anisakis larvae including two blind duplicates were analyzed by participants. All laboratories applied the same modified digestion(More)
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